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Rent a car: convenient, profitable and easy!

Company RENT ME are glad to welcome you on our website!

The main activity of our company is car rental services in Kazakhstan. We individually approach to each customer and takes into account his needs, trying to provide a high level of service.

RENT ME guarantee the clients transparency of the transaction and the absence of additional fees.

Renting a car at RENT ME is the easiest and most convenient way to solve the issue of travel if you are planning a business trip, an event, a weekend trip or a family trip:

  • You can rent a car in the offices of Almaty or Astana. And also, by prior arrangement, we will organize the delivery of the vehicle at a convenient time and place for you: airport, railway station, hotel, etc. Also you can return the rented car anywhere in the city.
  • For our customers RENT ME provides an additional opportunity – the service of returning the car in another city.

For example, by renting a car in Almaty, you can make an exciting trip to all over Kazakhstan, stop by Kyrgyzstan and after the rest return the car in Astana.

  • RENT ME regularly updates the vehicle fleet and monitors the maintenance schedule. All cars are offered for rent in perfect technical condition and equipped with the appropriate by season type of tires.
  • When registering a lease, you can order from us the additional equipment that will make your trip more comfortable. We offer you for your disposal children’s chairs, navigators and other, useful during the trip, technical solutions completely FREE.
  • We are pleased to offer you the opportunity of registrating unlimited quantity of drivers – FREE OF CHARGE
  • The rental price includes FULL insurance and unlimited mileage at the tariff “Almaty/Astana”.
  • Our customer support service is available 24/7. RENT ME managers are ready to help you in any situation. If you require the customer support will assist you in getting the necessary place and planing the route, help in emergency situation.
  • If necessary, we are ready to provide all accounting documents to customers while renting a car.

Why rent a car is convenient?

The presence of a rented car gives you mobility, complete freedom of movement and choice of route. Only you decide what places worth visiting, how much time to spend on sights and where to stay for the night.

Why is it profitable for a tourist to rent a car?

To answer this question, we want to invite you to consider a concrete example and draw your conclusions.

Bus tour to the Charyn Canyon:

  • PRICE: from 8000t. PER PERSON;
  • Tour on a specific day and time (usually on weekends);
  • Limited time for sights and photosession;
  • Attachment to the group;
  • General condition of the bus and a availability of an air conditioning – that is a lottery…

TAXI to the Charyn Canyon:

  • PRICE: from 40000 tenge.
  • Limited time for sights and photosession (in the price includes 1 hour of waiting, each subsequent hour + 1200 tenge).
  • The condition of the car and vailability of air conditioning – that is a lottery…

Car rental for a day in the RENT ME company:

  • PRICE (Hyundai Accent/KioRIO): 16000 tenge/day by the tariff “All Kazakhstan”;
  • You decide when to leave, where to stop over for and how long;
  • During the day you can visit not only the Charyn Canyon, but also stop by the Turgen waterfalls, the lake of Issyk, Trout farming, spending the night in Chungge and take a dip in hot springs. Or, returning to the city, have time to visit places such as: BAL, KokTobe, Medeo, etc. In general, the route plan also remains at your discretion;
  • Cars condition: clean, serviced car with air conditioning and automatic transmission.

The application for renting a car you can left online on our website or by phone:




After receiving the order, our operator will contact you to confirm the reservation.