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Car rental with purchase in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana)

Auto by installments without a bank through a lease with a buyback. Many people need a personal car, but not everyone can afford to buy it from us in Almaty or Nur-Sultan, because car prices are very high. More expensive than in any other city in the CIS. Our car rental company Vladex offers you a “car rental with foreclosure” service. The essence of the service is that the client rents a car with the right to buy out for a certain period of time, and after its expiration, having fulfilled all the conditions of the contract, become the owner of the car. Rent with the right to buy a car is provided to both private and legal entities.

Our company will provide you with a car from a personal fleet or buy a car specifically for you.

“Advantages of the service” rent a car with the right to buy Almaty and Astana “

  • Renting a car with a foreclosure costs the same as a regular car rental.
  • Our company will, at its own expense, make full car insurance under the CASCO system.
  • Cars from 2016 release.

We are sure that the “car rental with redemption” service will interest everyone who knows how to count money. Car rental Vladeks.