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How car rental is carried out in Almaty and Nur-Sultan, rental conditions.

How car rental is carried out in Almaty and Nur-Sultan, rental conditions.

Use car rental in Almaty

Car rental in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana) is the only rational solution, if you need frequent movements around the city and its borders. Taxi costs will not be justified, and waiting for a taxi can play a key role and adversely affect many issues. There are other events in which you need car rental in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana). To meet important guests in a business class car, to appear on a representative car for business negotiations or to rent a car for traveling or traveling to another city – in all these cases, you need a car rental service.

To rent a car in Almaty or Nur-Sultan, you need to contact our company RENT ME by phone or leave a request for car rental on our website. In order to get a car at your disposal, you must have a driver’s license with a minimum experience of 3 years, and be at least 23 years old. In our car rental in Almaty and Nur-Sultan, RENT ME has a large personal car park where everyone can choose a car to their taste and need.

If you get into an accident, then your task will only be timely to inform our managers. You are relieved of all material liability for car repairs, all that you risk in case of an accident is your deposit in the amount of 30,000 to 50,000 tenge.

Our company simplifies the process of signing documents as much as possible, so the process does not take much time. The managers of our company will help you not only with the signing of documents, but also help you choose the machine that suits your request. Also in our company you can rent a car for a long time.

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