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Unscrupulous taxi drivers


Today I want to tell you the story about the problem which our customers sometimes had at the Almaty airport, exactly with the taxi drivers of that establishment. In case, if you had in Almaty first time, this recomendation will be helpfully for you!

Here we have several options how to got to the city center:
1) You can order delivery of the car from our company, which will cost 2.000 tenge during working hours. Our manager not only bring up the car for you immediately after washing with a full tank of gasoline, help you pack your luggage, but also tell you about all the nuances of the rental agreement and driving in our country.

2) City bus (public transport), honestly the cheepest way to done it. As soon as you leave the airport terminal, you can find the bus station with waybill #92. In case if you have ticket for public transport (https://onay.kz/#/), fare will cost 80 tenge (less of 0.2 USD), but without it the price with cash will be 150 tenge (at about 0.4 USD). By the way, our main office located close to the one of bus stations on Nauryz-Bay Batyr street.

3) Local taxi. To use this method, it is better to have a small vocabulary of Russian words, so that you have the opportunity to communicate with a taxi driver. Also, I recommend a walk from the airport towards the city center 300-600 meters and only after that try to catch a taxi standing on the edge of the curb (locals still use this method for their movements). Also on par with this method, you can order a taxi through the Yandex.Taxi or Uber apps.
The average price of this method is about 2.000 — 3.000 tenge (at about 4 — 7 USD).

4) Last and the most expencive option — «Official taxi».
Due to the language barrier, drivers of these companies often take the opportunity to earn as much money as possible. At the moment when you just get into their cars, you agree with the driver about the cost of the trip. Conventionally, they voice the price of about 1.500 tenge. It would seem even cheaper than catching a local taxi, but it’s just an illusion!
When the driver brings you up to a predetermined place, he announces the total fare — 15.000 tenge (approximately 40 USD). As it turned out, the price of 1.500 tenge wasn’t for the whole trip, but only for 1 kilometer. To understand the problem better, I want to tell you that the average distance from the airport to the city center is 10-15 kilometers, depending on the location of your hotel.
According to the stories of our clients, the services of unscrupulous taxi drivers reached an unimaginable 100 USD for a trip of 12 kilometers. Our clients, who were in Kazakhstan in 2019 on their blog https://blog.tamitravels.net/almaty, write in more detail about this problem.

Based on this story, I highly recommend you not using the last option, but it’s better to spend a bit time and use public transport or order our delivery, which will be the most comfortable way for you.

I’m looking forward to meeting you at the offices of our comopany!
Be vigilant and do not allow to deceive you.

Sincerely your’s
Nick Kozhemyakin,
Head of Customer Relations
Vladex LLP.

Опубликовано: 03.03.2020 в 09:58

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